Coimbatore Builders and
Contractors Association

Welcome to CEBACA (Coimbatore Builders and Contractors Association), a non profit association that work towards improving builder’s priority.

Builders always play a central role in this nation building. It’s vital to understand where we are today. So as builders we will have influence over the nation’s future and where we are going.

Construction industry is the 2nd largest employment providing industry after agriculture and is the backbone for the economic uplift and development of this country. But unfortunately construction sector is one of the most neglected sectors in India.

Though builders are considered to be the major sources of economic growth, development and economic activities, we still have very little recognition among other industries and poor reputation among public.

It’s our prime responsibility to create awareness on the importance of builders among other industries and the public.

Every builder should take immense pride in his job for contributing towards the nation’s development by providing infrastructure, sanctuary and employment.