Cebaca is an association today with hundred plus members formed about three years back on 11.09.2011, primarily to find solutions for problems confronting the construction industry. We all know that joining hands with like minded  people will be a Force multiplier.We in cebaca not only think about our problems but also concerned about our country and society in particular.


• CEBACA focuses primarily and exclusively for the self development of builders, training of artisans and engineers, encourage budding builders and new entrants into the family.

• CEBACA will strive to create an awareness among the members on various aspects and tosolve all local issues that builders face today.

• CEBACA encourages sharing of knowledge and expertise on timely completion of theprojects.

• CEBACA will be a key aspect to cultivate unity among builders for a better growth.

• CEBACA will help the members by trading essential items, encouraging pooling and deploying of idle machineries and testing of materials.


This is a trunk of a banyan tree and it represents the structure of a building. The color of the trunk is Olive Drab which is associated to strength and also associated to cement that holds every building.

These are the leaves of a banyan tree and it represents the roof of a building. The color,Green is associated to prosperity and growth.

A banyan tree is huge.It has the ability to survive and grow for centuries. It is a symbol of unity and growth . It is a great shelter for many birds. It is the National tree of India.

The top part of the logo showcases banyan leaves as roof and the bottom part showcases banyan trunk as the structure of a building.

Proud to be a builder for being the root of any building and proud to be a member of CEBACA

As the banyan tree cares for all those who come under it, this association cares for all members and has been created to create a better future for all.