Flavor-Forward Cashew Snacks

Flavor-Forward Cashew Snacks
May 2023

Known as a brand synonymous with peanuts, Planters is now boldly venturing into the realm of cashew nut snacks, crafting irresistibly flavorful snacks that push the boundaries of taste and satisfy the cravings of nut enthusiasts everywhere. As Zeeshan Tarique, Planters' senior brand manager, says, "Consumers are looking for bold flavor options to complement the snacks they already love, and Planters is here to answer that call."
The brand's all-new cashew nut snacks include irresistible varieties like savory Rosemary and Sea Salt Cashews, tangy Dill Pickle Cashews and sweet Cinnamon Brown Sugar Cashews.
Planters' boldly flavored cashews are ready for snacking straight out of the bag, or they can be incorporated into elevated recipes like Rosemary and Sea Salt Cashew Biscotti, Dill Pickle Cashew Snack Mix or Cinnamon Brown Sugar Cashew Coffee Cake.