Parisian Building-Inspired Bookends

Parisian Building-Inspired Bookends
Art & Design
May 2023

Ezra Feldman designs the new Paris Bookend, which is a charming new addition to shelves in any home. It takes on a three-dimensional design that resembles a three-story building that replicates the Hausmann style. The bookend has a Mansard roof, which features tilts in two places and allows books to naturally lean against the side of the building.
Other details of the new design include the intricate accents that make it appear more realistic. This includes the detailed chimney, windows, and a bright red door to add a Parisian charm. The Paris Bookend is modeled in bright detail and rests on top of a plastic platform that can also hold one book that tilts at an angle.
Image Credit: Ezra Feldman