Umami BBQ Sauces

Umami BBQ Sauces
Mar 2023

The Original Japanese Barbecue Sauce brand, Bachan's, will be highlighting its range of condiments at Natural Products Expo West 2023, including a new Miso Japanese Barbecue Sauce. This umami barbecue sauce is made with two types of miso (red and white) to provide the perfect balance of mellowness and boldness. As such, this barbecue sauce lends itself well to being paired with lighter flavors such as fish and veggies, although it's just as versatile as other sauces.
This year marks the brand's inaugural appearance at the show. Justin Gill, Bachan's founder and CEO, says, "Expo attendees are savvy, early adopters of what the general public will soon crave."
The fifth taste, umami is known for its savory, earthy, and full-bodied flavor. Umami has been used in Asian cuisine for centuries but is now gaining recognition and appreciation in the West.