Venus-Inspired Jewelry Collections

Venus-Inspired Jewelry Collections
Jan 2023

Italian designer Elena Salmistraro develops a striking and expressive jewelry collection for Alessi. Framed as "an exploration of textiles, colors, and geometries," the silhouettes are a statement in and of themselves.

The capsule of expressive jewelry is called Venusia, which is "a take on Venus, the goddess of beauty." The designer infused the silhouettes with an ethereal-like character but made sure to open it up for interpretation. The pieces are described as "decorative elements that shield and protect the wearer, whether through religion, ritual, or personal aesthetic."

The Venusia jewelry collection is characterized by interesting shapes, ranging from more minimalist options to quite daring designs. The capsule includes bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings. Elena Salmistraro used stainless steel for her designs.

Image Credit: Marco Pietracupa